11AM - 10PM

Something stirs in the dark depths of The Witchwood. There is a new season and a new expansion upon us! That means big changes in Hearthstone and tons of new and exciting decks! Join AllMid and Pivip for a celebration of the new expansion and the new season. We will be showcasing more things to do than ever before including the first tournament of the new expansion The Witchwood. Test your creativity by creating powerful decks with all new cards to battle against your opponents. Spectators can pop into a full size movie theater and watch on the silver screen as matches are broadcasted live to their theater seats! We will also be featuring adventurous mini-games, amazing raffle prizes, guest speakers and industry booths. Doors open at 11am so come early and kick back with the new expansion.

At 4:30PM, Auditorium 7 will open so you can watch the conclusion of the tournament on the big screen! Enjoy the view while sitting in Envision Cinemas' comfy recliners. You can order foor and drink right from your seat!

Tournament Information

  • Standard
  • Best of 3.
  • Swiss pools into single elimination finals.
  • You do not need to submit decks, however decks cannot be changed once the tournament starts.
  • Pen and paper only, no deck trackers.